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Andy Kehoe 'Luminous Reverie' @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery!

Andy Kehoe is an American artist who creates these incredible forest scape's with enchanting characters and spectral beings. I first came across Andy's work in some art magazine and have been keeping an eye on his work ever since.

With a recent show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York show casing a load of new work I thought now would be a good time to share some of Andy's amazing resin paintings. At first glance they appear quite striking, the mixture of beautifully rendered trees and landscapes combined with mythical characters and beasts, colours which almost jump out at you and yet hold a subtlety that only a true master could wield. But when you see the paintings in real life then you can see the layers and how the resin technique has been used, check out these videos on the LeVine website to get a better idea! Composition, colour and depth all combine to make up an amazing body of work!

Unfortunately ill just have to make do with looking at these images below whic…

OL & ¥oin 'Sink' Ep x Fine Grains!

Aberdeen up and comer ¥oin has teamed up with his Russian counterpart OL to produce the 'Sink' Ep which dropped on Monday via Fine Grains. Available as digital download and special limited 180g deluxe vinyl, this release is the next step in the Fine Grains global take over bid!

Well not really, I think Fine Grains are grass roots and quite happy to be with a focus on home grown talents from the UK and connections across to the main land are helping to spread the word. The Sink Ep has been getting some attention from the major blogs too with Sonic Router taking notice, some major radio airplay and not to mention a video exclusive via FACT! Check out the video by Halvor Bodin below.

The Ep features collaborative efforts from ¥oin & OL who are both on the up and have produced 3 tracks which you'll probably be hearing on a Boiler Room session real soon. The Ep is filled out with 3 remixes from MikeQ, Noaipre & Slick Shoota, all pretty booty shaking and perfect for the fi…

Felt Mistress @ Offset57 Video!

I was asked to film a short video documenting the Felt Mistress work shop (photos here) which took place at Offset57 a few months back. Some really great designs from the participants and a really nice event from Offset57, who will be returning soon with a pop up shop as part of the Grays 2013 Degree Show! Keep an eye on their twitter for more details!

Felt Mistress Workshop @ Offset57 from MoC on Vimeo.

Leith in Red & Black @ The Red Gallery Edinburgh!

I popped into the Red Door Gallery during a recent visit to Edinburgh and found some cool prints on display by Tommy Perman of the band FOUND. The prints on display form a body of work titled Leith in Red & Black, depicting elements of the shops and streets of Leith, an area of Edinburgh which leads down to the docks on the Firth of Fourth.

I haven't really explored Edinburgh that much but seeing the details that Tommy picked out in his prints gave me a sense of the place and the kind of places you can expect to come across, veritable Aladdin's caves, full of the kind of junk you will never need but will always covet, cafes that will sell you the most delicious "bacon rolls, etc" still not sure what the etc could be but I want to find out!. Its the attention to the smaller details, a railing or a stair well leading to places un known which caught my attention, seeing a place he must travel through on a regular basis but still managing to catch these small details …

T_A_M & Zubuntu x Sabacan Records!

Its quite amazing to see the rise of local dj producer Zubuntu. 19 Years old and already making some waves in the UK music scene but its not just the UK who's taking notice as Zubuntu & partner T_A_M have recently released some tune via Sabacan Records in Japan.

Sabacan Records is a Japanese boutique label which hand pick producers from near and far with an emphasis on UK bass & chip tune artists. You can listen to T_A_M & Zubuntu's efforts below, click through to the main site and you'll be able to download the ep for free. Hopefully its only the start of good things to come for T_A_M & Zubuntu who will surely be working on some more new releases and I know Zubuntu & Yoin are planing some special events down at Cellar 35, heavy bass, dark room, expect things to get fun but until then check out the tunes below! 

Power Cologne by T_A_M & Zubuntu

Concrete & Graffiti @ The Old Rose Factory Part 1!

Recently heard the old factory out in Cults had been bulldozed so thought I'd share some snaps of the graffiti that adorned the walls. One piece that always stood out was the old toilet which had been cleared out and filled with different colour stencils of Goliathus beetles. Being a big fan of natural history and the diversity of life these really appealed to me. Each of the walls was adorned with the bugs but a special blank stencils was sprayed in the old window which had been bricked up. Its a shame that such a cool place has been demolished, a debris filled derelict eye sore to most but a place to paint for others and a building ground for some local skaters who'd shaped ramps in some of the rooms and building one of Aberdeen's best DIY spots! 

Here's a selection of photos from a visit to the factory in June 2009! I have a few more that ill post next week. The struggle continues!