West End Bestiary @ Recoat Gallery!

Recoat Gallery is one of my favourite galleries for many reasons but the biggest has to be the quality of the work they show, whether its a group show from their Team Recoat members or canvas works from old skool graffers, its always top notch.

And the current show West End Bestiary doesn't buck the trend, showing a pretty far out range of work from Kirsty Whiten! I didn't make it down to see the show in person but thanks to the Recoat blog I've been able to keep up to speed, there's also a great video at the bottom where Kirsty explains some of the ideas and process behind her work. Far out and yet profound at the same time! The show closed on Sunday which means something new will be going up soon, better book my train tickets now but you can still purchase some prints from the show via the Recoat online shop so there's no need to feel totally left out!

Westend Bestiary- Solo Exhibition- Kirsty Whiten from Recoat on Vimeo.

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