A Graphic Cosmogony by Nobrow Press!

I've been coveting this book for about 9 months before I finally managed to get a copy. I was secretly hoping my girlfriend had picked up on the telepathic messages I'd been sending out but unfortunately she didn't. And when I went to get a copy from Nowbrow's online shop low and behold, it had sold out! After a bit of searching I finally tracked down a copy and awaited its arrival. 

And, its stunning. 24 artists and illustrators were given the task of creating short stories that deal with the creation of life, mythology and the universe, all through the eyes of some amazing talent including Ben Newman, Rob Hunter, Isabel Greenberg & Yeji Yun to name a few. Each person puts their own style and spin into the stories which sit together like a comic book bible, a reference point in history and a marker for the birth of one of the coolest publishing houses in the UK!

So if you have the time I suggest looking into the Nobrow Press and having a look through their back catalogue, there's a few newer books which I have my eye on but ill be sure not to wait for someone else to get them for me, just in case they sell out too!

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