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Etsy Finds - The Artwork of River Luna!

I recently joined Etsy and was constantly being amazed by the wealth of cool items made by talented people, from all corners of the globe and working in all mediums. Etsy is like the best craft fair you could imagine except its all on line. And they do this great email service where they highlight different makers with a theme, whether its Spring Time Fun or Natures Larder they just seem to pick things which make me want to spend money!

And one such Etsyier, if that's a word, is River Luna, aka Marisa Redondo. It was her feather prints which first caught my attention, the details and the colours stood out from everything else on the email. After a quick scan at her page I've decided I really like her work and so I wanted to share it. Combining natural elements and putting her own spin on them has led to a rather impressive body of work. Her stick paintings are beautiful yet baffling, how does she achieve such a clean finish? I also love the tree rings and the range of feather d…

Monday Mixtape # 19 - Auntie Flo Boiler Room Mix!

This mix comes from the Boiler Room archives and features Auntie Flo aka Brian D'Souza. Brian is no stranger to Aberdeen having played a few DO IT!s back in 2009 and has been back a few times since then but in the last year he's really taken off! This is the second Auntie Flo Boiler Room session and its gonna take you on a musical journey like no other!

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs @ The Forum!

Some snaps from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs at The Forum from a few weeks back. Seemed to be a really good crowd in, everyone seemed to be having fun and the tunes kept everyone in a good mood! I'm a little sad that people stole my toy dinosaurs though, they were really special to me but I saw someone getting them signed so hope their momento is worth the pain they've cause me! Only joking, check out some of my pics below and some from the proper photographer further down! Simian Mobile Disco next, when will it end!

Some pics from Let It Bleed, check out the full album here!

Due To A Lack Of Exhibition Space..... @ 26 Collective Studios!

So last week I think it was, or maybe the week before I popped down to see Stewart Ross and to get a proper look at his latest exhibition, "Due to a lack of exhibition space in Aberdeen my next show ill be held in the back pocket of my jeans". The opening was a little too rammed and the dj set down at Sopranos was a little on the drunken side but I'd say Stew's second solo show was a great success. 

And it revolved around a great idea, taking the pockets off his old jeans and filling them with art! The title of the show is worth noting as since the changes to Project Slogan there is a real void, a lack of space which accommodates artists like Stewart who's work isn't commercial or main stream, its low fi and quick but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be seen in a gallery context, just that such a middle ground space doesn't really exist in Aberdeen. So he painted the corridor walls at 26 Collective Studios and made that his gallery!

And its l…