Maria's Way by Anne Milne!

I had the pleasure of filming documentary film maker Anne Milne's Guests @ Grays talk last week. Anne is a "Nomad, filmmaker, adventurer, curious bystander" but its her film's which really stand out. She's spent quite a bit of time in America and has traveled far and wide and its through these travels that she's come across interesting character like Maria.

"A woman, María, sits by the side of the road behind a rickety, homemade stall, her expression a blend of forbearance and exasperation. She greets passers-by and invites them to stop, to spend a few minutes with her as they continue on down the road. They are pilgrims and have a long, arduous journey ahead of them, on the ancient Camino de Santiago. María’s encounters with the passing strangers allow us to catch a glimpse of the modern pilgrim. Despite encountering some difficult pilgrims throughout her day, María nobly continues her task."

 Anne showed Maria's Way as part of her talk and it really left me wanting to see more of her work. Its captured a moment perfectly without having to play up or script things and its really nice to see a film and be able to understand what its about, its context without needing to be told, the story is what it is. It might even have inspired me to make the pilgrimage myself, who knows! Check out more of Anne's work here!

María's Way Trailer from Anne Milne on Vimeo.

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