Man On A Mission - Isle of Lewis Part 1!

A few years ago I had a pretty bad spell on the old emotional front, anniversaries of losing friends and another failed relationship had me in a bit of a funk. I was lucky to have some amazing friends around me and decided perhaps a bit of a time out would do me good. So I set about planning a short trip West to see my friend Donald over on the Isle of Lewis.

What followed was more than just a trip, it was like finding Heaven on Earth. I can't think of a time I've felt so at peace, so at one with my surrounding's and the people I met. Long walks with only some music and my thoughts, endless roads with no cars and the wonder of the peats, spread out like a vast bank of dark matter! The island had an incredible effect on me and left feeling exhausted and refreshed at the same time.

I took about 9 rolls of 35mm film, some colour, some black and white. Below are some photos from my arrival in Inverness, the boat over to Lewis and the first real days work I have ever done, collecting the peat's! Ill post more photos once I get them, enjoy. 

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