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Let It Bleed Presents Jack Beats!

The next Let It Bleed party kicks off this Saturday Jack Beats headlining The Forum! Ill be providing some moving images for people to stare in wonder at while Ronnie, In Atlanta, Giles and Jack Beats provide the soundtrack. Between House of House on Friday and this on Saturday you have a pretty full on weekend of partying but as always, play nice and keep it safe! You can purchase tickets here, from Attic or try on the door, see you on the dance floor!

Krazzy Martin x House of House @ Snafu!

House of House take things up a gear with a pre party taking place above the Old Kings Highway on the Green before moving to Snafu for what's sure to be a night of good music. You can listen to Masseys Fresher mix here but I highly recommend checking them out, bringing some fresh energy to the local pop up party scene but they are a decent bunch of chaps too so show some support!

The Penguin English Library!

I first came across the Penguin English Library after purchasing Gullivers Travels and The Tales of Huckleberry Fin in Peltoniemi Concept Store. The smart design combined with classic tales which everyone should have read at some point made for a good addition to my book collection. Its only now that I've realised how many classic tales there are and I'm thinking I might need to get a new book case! Each cover has been designed with a major element of each tale used in the design such as Gulliver's anchor as his adventures always begin with a boat journey or Frankenstiens heart but others are more subtle and abstract. You can find out a bit more about the team behind this project via their Facebook page and I recommend watching the cool video at the very bottom.

The Penguin English Library opens its doors from Penguin English Library on Vimeo.

Let It Bleed Home Grown @ Snafu!

Let It Bleed have been quite over the Winter break but are finally coming out of hibernation, starting this Saturday with a Home Grown night at Snafu! Bringing together one of Scotlands top DJs and Let It Bleed resident Giles Walker but also showcasing a host of up and coming local talent with Earl Grey Boys Club, Billy The Kid and Massy from House of House! Expect a fun filled night and a sweaty dance floor!

Hold on Elijah by Sarah J Stanley!

Sarah seems to have been a busy bee judging from this new song and hand drawn animated video! Quite miss popping into Project Slogan for my lunch and then popping in at night time for a Lost & Found gig. If I manage to get some funding from the council then it will be going towards setting up a new space for art events, exhibitions, talks, workshops, parties and gigs! Watch this space and watch this video!

hold on elijah from sarah j stanley on Vimeo.

The Artwork of Laura Gee Illustration!

I've been thinking more and more about how I discover art, how I view art and how I investigate new artists and of course the internet is the biggest resource going and the kind of web sites and blogs you follow will all feed into that. But recently I've been finding more and more artists and makers via Etsy. It seems like anyone who is making, creating and trying to make a living from their creativity has an Etsy shop. And I must admit, there's something quite nice about being able to browse using a few key words and seeing the variety of results. 

In the run up to Christmas I found myself searching Etsy quite a bit with the idea that if I couldn't find what I was after in the local independent shops then at least I could try to buy direct from some of the makers. And one of these makers was the very talented Laura Gee. Laura has a knack for creating illustrations which tap into the modern illustration quirky pictures trend but just does it way better than 99% of the p…

Shake A Tailfeather @ The Carlton Bar!

Those frisky Shake A Tailfeather DJ's are back with their special blend of old school rock n roll! Kick off is at 9 this Friday (22nd Feb) at the Carlton Bar, expect to be hopping and a bopping and a shaking and a making your way into the way weekend the right way! Also myself and Zubuntu will be playing some records down at Sopranos, bad timing as I was really hoping to get along to see Slim Jim but he will be in possession of a projector, expect to see things you couldn't even begin to imagine, Slim Jim is a DJ and a visual magician!

Offset 57 Presents Ben Newman!

So Offset57 has kicked off again in the Academy shopping center bringing together a mix of goods made by local creatives from cards and prints to mirrors and t shirts! Some new additions include t shirts from the House of House boys, wood engraved goods from Kumokitsune and jewellery from Ashley Morris! You can see photo's of the new stock here, and note the addition of wrapping tape by Ben Newman!

And Ben also happens to be the first guest speaker at Offset57 2013! Ben will be giving a presentation on Monday (18th Feb) first at Grays School of Art at 1pm in SB42 (Scott Sutherland School) and then again in the evening at the Offset space just across from the shop unit in the Academy. If you haven't seen Ben's work before I suggest checking him out, he manages to make images using clean lines that hark back to days of old but are very modern in their execution, a perfect balance. A seriously talented designer and not one to miss, its not everyday you get the chance to hear t…

Disney Pixar's Wreck It Ralph!

I went to see the new Disney Pixar film Wreck It Ralph and I was pretty amazing! The story follows lonely Ralph, an arcade game bad guy who's goal is to demolish an apartment building but Fix It Felix Jr is on hand to repair the damage and ultimately gains the adoration of the other 8 bit characters. Understandably Ralph is left feeling sad and angry, after all hes only following his programming and once the arcade is closed he gets to be himself, a rather lovely guy. Anyway thing's take a turn for the worse and Ralph finds him self on a bit of a quest, one which not only put him in danger but the whole Fix It Felix Jr game! 
That's all I'm going to say about the story as I don't want to spoil it for anyone but the design, the animation and the sound are all worth mentioning. First up the retro 8-bit promo's are fantastic, totally reminds me of my first proper console the Nintendo NES! I did have a Commodore 64 but that was a nightmare, loading the tapes just …

Paws @ The Tunnels!

Aberdeen's finest indie night musos Dirty Hearts Club are back and aren't holding back! Last week saw a welcome return to Sanfu but now on a Friday night as apposed to the regular Thursday slot, guess they've gone and got real jobs too so partying on a school night isn't so viable. Its a welcome return anyway bringing their special blend of indie disco back to Aberdeen. 

But not content with just hosting their regular night the DHC crew are hosting various gigs across venues and this Friday see's FatCat signing Paws grace the stage at The Tunnels. Bringing their own blend of teenage doom to the stage, your in for an interesting night! Support comes from Cats in Capes & Blades with music from the Dirty Hearts djs inbetween. For £6.50 on a Friday night I don't think you can go wrong really! Full event details here.