The Artwork of Steve Murison!

Steve Murison, sick mother, soul brother and bad ass artist! The first time I met Steve he poured a pint over some football casuals who were heckling a friends band and being rude to an old man. Behind his steely gaze lies an incredibly talented, articulate and loving guy, but his artwork does dance on the dark side.

Steve primarily works with found materials from found boards, wood to house paint, acrylics and marker pen. He uses each tool until they are fully exhausted, probably a pretty important part of the ritual. There always seem's to be a central character, a skull being or skull cat from which an entire aura grows.Steve expanded on this theme with his piece for the Mural Project which saw him go big and produce one of my favourite works from the project.

Where these creations come from I'm not sure. I don't even think Steve knows and that's probably a good thing, he just channels it into these incredible pieces which he usually gives to friends or exchanges with other artists. Its not til your holding one of Steve's artworks that you see the layers upon layers of paint, like he's mentally vomited his soul onto the boards and then used his skull to chip away at it! The end result is something pretty unique, pretty special and I'm chuffed to own a piece myself. But I'm more chuffed to count Steve as a friend. Bears for life brother!

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