Candy for the Eyes & Ears 18! Julian Callos, Ali Gulec & Mark McGuire!

I stumbled across 2 visuals delights in the space of 10 seconds while on the Juxtapoz blog. First up some beautiful illustrations by American artist Julian Callos. The lines, shapes and colours all sit beautifully in each of Julian pieces and just check out the Buster print!

While looking at Julians work I spotted the work of Ali Gulec, animals in space, I'm sold. Some really interesting work exploring some elements which appear in my own work but I don't have any plans for Llama mini bus painting! Or do I?

Audio delights come from Mark McGuire of Emeralds! Its hard to put my finger on it but there's something in the sounds Mark creates that just resonates with my core. It made me think about other music I could compare it to, the prog rock of Pink Floyd but also some of the cosmic rythms of Jean Michel Jarre? Either way its gonna be on heavy rotation in my house while I try to get some ideas fleshed out for some art project!

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