MoC x BYOB Glasgow 2012!

Apart from being bloody freezing in the back room at the Glue Factory I had a really great time at the first Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) event in Glasgow! 40 odd VJ's, visual artists and video makers got together and set up their beamers covering a fair amount of wall space, roofs, doors and any other space they could find! You can see the full artists list here

For my video I recorded some vj visuals with the Lucky Me Clause Speed Black Athena mix as a guide and the Bones & Money's Truancy mix. It was great to see the weird and wonderful videos and visuals that everyone else set up, the giant rotating eye on the end of the big drum was pretty cool, also if you looked inside the drum and spoke into the microphone you could affect the visuals beings projected inside. The suicidal mice stories gave me a laugh and MWX's mirror visuals looked awesome!

The event also coincided with a group show exhibition which opened in the main studio / gallery space, you can see some pics below. I particularly enjoyed the surreal video works of Rachel Maclean who's Snow White inspired video had me enthralled, hearing snippets of familiar sounds from the Disney original mixed with the uber colourful visuals looked stunning! She also had a video loop playing in the tank room which you should check out here!

All in all it was great to be included in such a diverse show and to see everyone's work, also it has to be said that Craig & Diane who organised this debut BYOB did a great job and were incredibly helpful and supportive. Hopefully they will host another event next year but perhaps summer time would be better, less chance of sliding back down the hill on the icy paths and catching a cold!

MoC x BYOB Glasgow 2012 from MoC on Vimeo.

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