Fred Deakin Guest Lecture @ Offset57!

Fred Deakin eventually made it to Aberdeen last Wednesday and gave a rather inspiring talk about his design career with Airside Studios as well as his musical adventures with Lemon Jelly. I wasn't sure what to expect but really enjoyed how Fred spoke about his career in both fields and also about his new work with sound and shapes for the Electricity Comes From Other Planets show in Paris, which I found quite innovative! 

After seeing Fred's talk I can understand why he's done so well, a really genuine guy despite all the awards and accolades hes received, not a hint of arrogance. His ideas about how the internet hasn't reached its full potential yet was very interesting and posed a rather interesting question for the designers of today and tomorrow! If you didn't make it along then you missed out! For up to date info on Offset57 events get them on twitter here!

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