Ewan Robertson (Offshore) 1985 - 2012!

I was incredibly sad to hear about Ewan's passing last week. Sometimes it seems like friends are taken just as they are on the cusp of doing amazing things, at least Ewan had the chance to release his Bake Haus ep but fuck the future was just, he had so much greatness to share.

I can remember seeing him in his school uniform as I skated the Gordons curb years ago, clearly standing a foot taller than anyone else,  then at friends gigs a few years later down at Kef and then we became friends after his first dj set at the DO IT nights. I'm so glad that Tom asked Ewan along to his Just Jam set while I was in London, we had a chance to catch up properly and ended up dancing and having a laugh in some cool little bar in Dalston. Ewan was in such good spirits and told me about his new release and was really positive about the Fine Grains label that Alex has started. I was really looking forward to walking down the streets grumbling at all the Christmas shoppers when I spot a familiar silhouette at the traffic lights and realise its Ewan. 

Sadly not to be. An inspiration, a gentleman, a good friend to so many and so much more to the special people in his life. Another face who will be sadly missed but thank you so much for the good vibes and the positivity. I hope the beat goes on for you big man wherever it is we go.

J xXx

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