Offset57 Launch Night & Shellsuit Zombie Event!

Some photo's from the Offset57 launch night at the Academy Shopping Center! I provided a short visual loop and some vinyl selections for the opening event which meant I couldn't actually get through to check out some of the cool objects they have for sale! But there was lots of fun to be had like adding tattoos to the strong man and demon beast created by Matt along with drinking lots of beer! A good way to start things off!

The first proper event was held on Wednesday night with London based party people Shellsuit Zombie! The guys split the crowd into teams who all chose genitally themed names and were set 3 tasks to complete, the first being to create a pr campaign based on a celebrity and a company which were chosen at random from Jonny's back pocket, e.g. RSPCA x Michael Jackson! The result's were pretty funny to say the least!

The next challenge involved seeing who could hold a perfect sitting chair position against the well, without a chair! Sadly Neil from WLD WLVS didn't quite make the grade but he gave it a good shot! The 3 people who managed to hold it for almost 5 minutes you have buns of steel!

And I think my favourite round had to be cock drawing. Did exactly what it says on the tin! All in all a great event which brought lots of people together both from the art school and the creative community and if nothing else, everyone had fun! Just what we need going into the cold, dark, bleek winter months!

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