Monday Mixtape # 8 - MoC Vanlentines Mix!

I was planning to make a new mix for today but due to having a cold and generally feeling half dead I haven't managed to get much done. But, I did make this mix for Valentines day this year with me doing part 1 and Stew Ross creating part 2! I mainly tried to find song's that capture the joy of meeting someone new and starting on that journey, hence the Darjeeling Theme at the start but of course things don't always go to plan and you can find your self lost and alone again but eventually you will meet  someone new and start the journey all over again.

Anyway seem's appropriate as I've just recently started on a new journey, I'm not sure where its gonna take me or what the future holds but its been pretty nice so far and I'm looking forward to making a new Valentines mix that hopefully doesn't end in tears!

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