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Offset57 Launch Night & Shellsuit Zombie Event!

Some photo's from the Offset57 launch night at the Academy Shopping Center! I provided a short visual loop and some vinyl selections for the opening event which meant I couldn't actually get through to check out some of the cool objects they have for sale! But there was lots of fun to be had like adding tattoos to the strong man and demon beast created by Matt along with drinking lots of beer! A good way to start things off!

The first proper event was held on Wednesday night with London based party people Shellsuit Zombie! The guys split the crowd into teams who all chose genitally themed names and were set 3 tasks to complete, the first being to create a pr campaign based on a celebrity and a company which were chosen at random from Jonny's back pocket, e.g. RSPCA x Michael Jackson! The result's were pretty funny to say the least!

The next challenge involved seeing who could hold a perfect sitting chair position against the well, without a chair! Sadly Neil from WLD WLV…

BYOB @ The Glue Factory, Glasgow!

I'm pretty chuffed to be taking part in the Glasgow BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) event taking place at the end of November at The Glue Factory! Everyone who's taking part will be setting up their own Beamers (projectors) and is asked to make a gif which will be archived on the BYOB site! Suppose I'd better start making some visuals for it since I only have 2 days to get something done, exciting times!

Let It Bleed Presents Daniel Avery & Erol Alkan Recap!

So that was a pretty wild night! Good crowd, good tunes and some even said good visuals! Big love to all the dj's, Massey from House of House, Faux-pa5, Giles Walker, Daniel Avery & Erol Alkan! Nights like this are great because they suprise me, hearing Hole In The Head by Nine Inch Nails during a techno set brought me back to the Palace circa 2002, the power of music I guess! And of course massive thanks to Scott for getting me on board with the nights and for some pretty amazing opportunities! Managed to dart about and get some snaps for the archive but also check out some decent photos here! On to the next one!