26 Podcasts - Stew Cats Green Mix!

Been taking longer than I'd like to get some fresh podcast's out but such is life, working full time and having a million things to do doesn't help but ill get through it eventually! This podcast's was originally recorded with me and Stew taking turn abouts, but I figured most of my selections were pretty boring so cut them out and just put all Stew's selections together. I'd tried to get the green screen effect working through the old video mixer but as you can see it didn't quite go to plan but still some fun visuals to watch!

The next in the series will be fresh mixes by MWX & Digital Stictch, followed by a 2 hour special by Conan followed by a eletro dub italo mash up from MWX, Digital Stitch and Mike Blair on the reggae tip with special Blade Runner circuit bent visuals! Until then enjoy the sounds of Stew Cat!


Stew Cat Green Mix (Studio 26 Podcast # 20) from 26 Collective Studios on Vimeo.

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