Live Music @ Kialu Old Aberdeen!

Friday saw the first live music event at the new Kilau Coffee situated right on the High Street of Old Aberdeen. The evening was curated by Alan Cynic, a purveyor of underground sounds and musician extrordinaire! I missed Alan's set but caught C.S. Buchan for the first time, who created the perfect atmosphere with his mix of acoustic guitar, cello and well written songs although he kept things light enough and enjoyed a laugh while playing. Still, think the group of students sitting next to me could have shut the fuck up or moved through to the back room where they wouldn't have bothered anyone. Got £10,000 to study at University but no manners, standard! Sorry a small gripe of mines.

Ashley Parks was up next with his incredible guitar playing mixed with a pretty powerfull voice, not what you'd expect at all when you see Craig but hes got some belters. I think Stuart Allan recently did a t shirt & poster design for Craig but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe its a secret. Unfortunately due to a long week at work I almost passed out and decided to head home and hit the hay, missing the ever talented Steven Milne. I'm sure Steve's set was a blinder. Good to see things like this happening so soon in the new shop and if you get the time pop over and try out their new menu, the carbonara was pretty tatsy!

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