Jubbly's & Juice Freshers Mix by Krazzy Martin!

A fresh mix from Everything Else Sucks / Snafu main man Krazzy Martin. I think since we started recording our own mix tapes for the studio I've found a new appreciation for the art of the mix tape! A lot of our mixes were taken from live recordings, us fucking around in the studio but I'm gonna have a bash at putting together some more slicker mixes, I have one done but ill post it next time, its not really a party mix, more a headphones and a book kinda vibe.

For now enjoy this 80's tinged mix from Krazzy Martin, definitely getting that Friday feeling listening to this, oh and this Friday you can catch Karzzy Martin along with some other local dj talents at the Summer Sucked party in Snafu! Event details found here and check out the details for the next Everything Else Sucks party with Jackmaster, last time he ended up playing a 4 hour after party down at the studio so prepare for a long one!

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