For Klaus!

A day late in writing something, trying to find some meaning in the events of the past which have shaped my life and the lives of friends around me. Its hard to believe 6 years have passed since Nicky was tragically killed. So many things have changed and yet so much hasn't. Yesterday was a pretty tough day and I can only imagine how tough it is for the friends who were properly close to him and his family.

I went round to see them on Sunday for a catch up and I'm always suprised by how together they are, I can't think of a single moment of weakness I've witnessed, of course we all have them. I find it difficult myself in seeing that through Nicky's passing I gained the inspiration and the confidence to become a doer, no longer standing by as life floats on, I want to make the most of everything as often as I can because Nick & Bob & Moose, they cant, their chance has gone so its important to keep on, to keep these memories alive, to make every moment count and to appreciate everything and everyone around you, don't waste time on shit selfish people, life is too short.

I think words are failing me today. Its been a tough couple of days, seeing close friends suffering as much today as they did 6 years ago, time heals they say but some things will never be quite right. I just hope wherever they are they are happy. As always my love goes to the family Fitz at this time, thanks for all your love and support.

J xXx

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