DJ Bad Panda's Mix Lounge @ Sopranos Wine Bar and Bistro!

If your like me then you get pretty bored of the Aberdeen night life, its just one of the dangers living in a small city for too long. You've been to every pub, bar, club, sometimes seen it changes names and owners a handful of times. People start doing nights, burn out, new people start doing the same night, burn out, it all gets a little bit boring after a while, you cant tell your techno from your minimal, your UK bass from your post dub wubs and all you wanted to do was dance for an hour? And maybe sing along?

Well for those who are in the know and do want some minimal or some bass then I suggest checking out Everything Else Sucks and Acid Thunder, both long standing nights which always get my feet moving but I very rarely know any of the songs, but thats a good thing. And where that massive gap between Fleetwood Mac and Lady Gaga used to be we now have DJ Bad Panda's Mix Lounge. Dj Bad Panda aka Jonny Brown will be spinning vinyl for the next 4 weeks every Friday & Saturday night in Sopranos Wine Bar & Bistro from 9 until 2am. Sopranos is a little gem tucked away in the cities harbour area, just a stones throw from Union Square and just on the corner from Musa. 

I must have walked past it a hundered times but never ventured in until now and I think its probably one of the nicest bars I've been in. Friendly staff, nice lay out, dancing in the bar, some beautiful bar maids and Richard makes a mean Dr Pepper (thats a cocktail FYI). Add to that Bad Panda's funky beats and soulfull selections and you have somewhere just as cool as Bar 99's with food as tasty as you will find anywhere else but minus the assholes? Sounds good then check it out next time you venture into town, try something new but with the comfort of music you know and love mixed like you never thought it could be!

Event page here, keep an eye out for special guest dj's and live acts!

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