Adam Bridgland @ Peacock Visual Arts!

Friday 27th see's the opening of 'Happy, All Smiles', Adam Bridgland's first solo exhibition in Scotland and launches three new prints made with Peacock’s master print makers. Here's a little bit from Adam's web page.

"Described as 'your favourite leisure time artist', Adam embraces the everyday object finding inspiration from the colouring book image, travel guidebooks, and scout camping paraphernalia. Kitsch and humorous, yet equally poignant, Adam's work rejoices in the mundane and is an investigation of the notion that holiday-making is just another ordinary everyday activity and that the holiday is essentially a fantasy that rarely lives up to our expectations."

If you have a quick scan about on his Flickr you can get a feel for some of his work which looks rather nice so be sure to check it out!

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