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Tuff Wax x Donkey Pitch @ Snafu!

There seems to be a lot of activity going on at the moment in the local club scene with Snafu putting together rather impressive line ups for Fridays and Saturday nights. This Friday sees them welcome back the Tuff Wax crew who always put on a good night, this time with special guests Ghost Mutt & Grinel (Donkey Pitch). When you read the write up for the Donkey Pitch label, its roots and ethos it sits pretty nicely along side the Tuff Wax ethos so I'd expect a pretty awesome night!

On the Tuff Wax front you have sets from label head Lockah who's been receiving quite a lot of press of late and has dropped his first ep via the Jeffres imprint of Mad Decent label No biggie! No that a lie, that's a massive step up for a local producer who's put a lot of time and love into doing his thing for the right reasons so Lockah deserves all the love he can find on Match.Com! Also supporting the Tuff Wax line is new kid on the block Zubuntu! Having just playeda handfull of gigs I…

Speed Sketching @ The Open Door Gallery!

This Wednesday at The Open Door Gallery, Speed Sketching! A bring your own booze drawing class no less, sounds like a good way to spend an hour on a Wednedsay evening. Keep up to date with all their events via their website or facebook page!

Indian Red Lopez @ The Tunnels!

Studio band Indian Red Lopez have a couple of gigs coming up next week in both Peterhead and Aberdeen! I'm going to make and mix some visuals for the Aberdeen gig next Saturday to accompany their music. Having been privy to the rehearsals I'd say you can expect to hear some pretty damm fine tunes and would highly recommend checking them out. Tickets are available on the nights from the venue's or in advance through the Shmeet facebook page!

Scottish Sculpture Workshop - The Big Pour!

The Scottish Sculpture Workshop has been pretty busy of late with lots of different projects kicking off. Its an organisation that I'm not over familiar with but Jim has made a few visits out to the Lumsden site to work on a top secret piece! Anyway last Friday saw the USUK (a cultural exchange programme between the USA and the UK) Public Iron Pour which included live iron pouring, performances from local musicians including Mark Rennie who played a drone set, heavy metal indeed!

I wasn't able to attend the pour but will definitely be keeping an eye out for future public events as you just don't get to see this stuff happening everyday and judging from the photos it looked like a really great day out in the country. You can find out more about SSW via their blog and website!

Adam Bridgland @ Peacock Visual Arts!

Friday 27th see's the opening of 'Happy, All Smiles', Adam Bridgland's first solo exhibition in Scotland and launches three new prints made with Peacock’s master print makers. Here's a little bit from Adam's web page.

"Described as 'your favourite leisure time artist', Adam embraces the everyday object finding inspiration from the colouring book image, travel guidebooks, and scout camping paraphernalia. Kitsch and humorous, yet equally poignant, Adam's work rejoices in the mundane and is an investigation of the notion that holiday-making is just another ordinary everyday activity and that the holiday is essentially a fantasy that rarely lives up to our expectations."
If you have a quick scan about on his Flickr you can get a feel for some of his work which looks rather nice so be sure to check it out!

26 Podcasts - The Kilau Sessions!

So with all the POST night's I have recorded everything, audio and visual wise and have been spending the last few months trying to sort out the good and the bad and assembling it into some kind of order. The older stuff is pretty much sorted which left the 6 odd hours from POST # 7 which took place in May! Finally after what seemed like a lifetime the files are edited into sections and my hard drive is free! 

The only problem is I have fresh mixes to sort out from Yogi who did a Like A Daydream Special down at 26 Collective Studios along with mixes from Digital Stich & MWX who played at one of the Mural nights, not to mention DJ Bad Panda and myself will be mixing it up tonight for the Friday Mural night. When will it end! You can listen on our Mixcloud here!

Below you can listen to and watch all 4 podcasts in order as they happened on the night with selections from myself (MoC) J Stax, Stew Cat, John A and Pigeoncatcher! I don't know why we bother with false names but I…

Yo, Bitches Be Tripping! @ Project Slogan!

Some cool shit went down a few weeks ago in Project Slogan, felt good to be in the gallery with some art on the walls and old friends on hand for good chats!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"YO BITCHES B TRIPPIN'"<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
An exhibition of work by Katie Shambles & MWX at Project Slogan.

LIFE AFTER ART SCHOOL: Project Slogan will be open during the day wed-thu from 2pm-6pm for music, art and good banter. Free Wifi. Drawing. Music will be played and art will be made. Join in the art making, drinking, dancing and pondering with us about what the fuck to do next.

With an array of audio delights from MWX, Katie Shambles and Digital Stitch. Bring paint and drawing supplies we'll provide the canvas (stolen stuff from Grays).

The Artwork of Lone Wolf aka Stuart Allan!

Stuart has been pretty busy over the last few months with submissions for Aberdeen artists, a t shirt design for Wild Wolves, setting up his own online print store and generally painting like there's no tomorrow! His next exhibition will be taking place in London as part of the On Board group exhibition in Soho, facebbok event here! You can see Stuart's entry below, continuing his use of skateboards as canvas and his tattoo themed portraits, if you haven't already then check out the collaborative exhibition STWO he did last year with the super talented Stu Ford. All I wanna know is when you gonna get tattooing, can't wait to be touched by such talented hands, ohhhh!