Lightspeed - 100 Years of the 100 Meters!

As part of the Olympic celebrations a group of  Scottish artists were commissioned to create a sound and visual art piece to celebrate 100 years of the 100 meters race entitled Lightspeed. Jim from the studio was chosen as one of the artists and was given the task of creating some sound pieces for the sculpture.

The idea behind the work is to celebrate Usain Bolt's current 100 meter record by lining up a series of lights with speakers embedded into them, when triggered the sound and lights go off in sequence so the sound and light travels along each pod ending at the same time as Usain Bolts record breaking sprint of 9.58 seconds. The pods are powered via a built up charge gained from people cycling the 2 bikes you can see in the pics below which in turn power a dynamo. once you have charged up the dyanmo's its just a case of taking up position on the starting line and going for it! Me and Craig had a little race round and managed 14.5 seconds, I'm happy with that!

Anyway the installation will be in Aberdeen's Sports Village just off King Street today and down at the beach boulevard on Thursday so be sure to check it out, have a go and be part of this unique celebration.