'ISLAND' by Bobby Niven @ Peacock Visual Arts!

'ISLAND' is the current show running at Peacock Visual Arts by Fife born artist Bobby Niven. For this project Bobby spent time on the small island of Inchgarvie which sits just below the Fourth Railway bridge, quite a fascinating site and somewhere I'd like to do some work at myself. Anyway here's some blurb

"ISLAND is based around the strange architectural history of Inchgarvie whose now uninhabited ruins tell of past lives as a castle, a prison, a quarantine and a foundry and accommodation for the workers who built the Forth Rail Bridge under whose shadow it sits. 

Like the Inchgarvie ruins themselves ISLAND is comprised of distinct but related parts: the film, the grey room of concrete sculptures and the orange room of objects and artefacts."

There's some really nice big objects to look at, a weird film and then another room that will bring these 2 things together in quite a nice way. 'ISLAND' is on until the 7th July so check it out now!

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