POST # 7 @ Kilau Coffee!

We were chuffed to be given a chance to put on a POST night at Aberdeen's original bohemian, artist friendly, alternative coffee house, KILAU! I'm ashamed to say it but Kilau is a place I've overlooked this last wee while but, a local and independent business, they're the good guys that we should all be supporting a bit more.

Anyway don't want to preach about that at the moment (Support Kilau, One Up, Earl In The Belmont!) So we set up the PA, started the 33rpm's, fired up the visuals and managed to host a 26 Collective night in Kilau that felt strangely like the nights in the studio. I think having a good mix of friends and new faces from the art school really helped make for a nice atmosphere, some of the students even brought some visuals with them which were projected onto the walls, Lee even took over the controls of the video mixer and helped add to the mellow vibes we were hoping for with his dreamy cloud time lapses! We recorded all the visuals and audio so should have some new podcast's coming real soon, you can WATCH, LISTEN & LOOK here!

So the first 26 Post night outside of 26 Collective Studios but still a super fun time. Massive thanks to Craig and the Kilau team, all the 26 crew who played & got drunk, Lee & Amal for their trippy visuals and to all the people who came down! Now onto the 'Mural' project at 26.....

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