MoC Visuals x Uber AV x Let It Bleed - View From The Front!

Just been going over the archives and sorting out old photos and blog posts when I thought about all the visuals I've done over the years for Let It Bleed, both solo and as part of Uber AV with Ben. Ive recorded quite a few of the visual sets to have as a record of what I've done but I started to think about what everyone else actually see's out front. It's ok for me to sit behond the curtain and look at the visuals on my little monitor and to see it from the side of the stage but does it make any difference to the people who are partying out front? Well I don't know if it does but I think the stage would look pretty bare without the tv's and projections. Anyway here's some videos I've found on youtube from the front!

The 2 Bears

2Many Djs

Kissy Sell Out

Felix Da Housecat

Annie Mac

MoC Archive

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