Exploring Aberdeen!

On a sunny Saturday a few weeks back I set off on my trusty skateboard in search of flowers and culture. What I found was quite unbelievable! I'd  been meaning to check out Blooms & Balloons by Suzie as I'm hoping to utilise her balloon powers for a fun project. Suzie also hosts small scale exhibitions, currently showing photographs by Vhairi Murray so many reasons to pop in! Unfortunately I was too late to get any snaps but Suzie did give me a quick tour after she'd closed, very nice of her indeed.

So I'd set off looking for culture when I came across this little shop nestled away on Chattan Place just down from Suzie's. I'd heard a friend talk of this cool shop in the back streets of the West End and I managed at long last to stumble upon it! Peltoniemi is a cool concept / designer store run by Tytti Peltoniemi. Peltoniemi totally blew me away, from the beautiful selection of items inside to the shop lay out and Tytti's approach to her shop just all made for an amazing discovery. I just wish I'd paid attention to the Moomin plates I saw in her window last year, I'd walked past without even giving it a second thought till I found her sitting at her desk! Anyway I spent a good 40 minutes taking photos and checking out the design books and the amazing ornamental sculptures which are all available for purchase, between Bloooms & Balloons & Peltoniemi, Chattan Place has got it covered!

The 3rd stop on my adventure was the Smart Gallery to check out the Toby Paterson exhibition. If you haven't seen it then I suggest you get along to Smart Gallery on Albyn Terrace ASAP! My visit rounded off a rather lovely Saturday in Aberdeen. Oh no wait I rushed down to check out the Architecture Space show on Belmont Street but ill add some photos to a separate post about that soon! "Nothing ever happens in Aberdeen" yeah, right, go explore and who knows what you will find!!!


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