26 Podcast - MoC Mellow Mix!

With Indian Red Lopez now in full time its kinda curtailed any major party plans in the big room but I decided on a wet and boring Saturday night to tidy my studio and to make record a new mix, in my room. This is the result and I'm pretty happy with it, some of the mixing is still a little off, need to learn when to cut tracks but all in all I think its getting better.I tried to stick with acoustic tracks but once you start you don't really know where its gonna take you but I think its a nice mix if you need some chilled back ground music. 

The video isn't very exciting, its mostly the turntables with an occasional flash of my hands on the mixer, although my dancing ghost limbs towards the end look pretty funny. I've included some snaps from my studio taken on the night, I was working on discecting the innards of an old tv which is going to be recyled for a visual project that will hopefuly come to fruition in time for Annie Mac & Toddla T at the Forum!

MoC Mellow Mix (Studio 26 Podcast # 14) from 26 Collective on Vimeo.

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