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Bato Hand Crafted!

Bato Hand Crafted is a brand new range of hand crafted goods including t - shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags, all made from 100% organic cotton. And the Bato boys are based in Aberdeen. The tags below were reclaimed from the old textile factory and hand printed, small details that kinda show where the guys are coming from. Check out their facebook page HERE for cool competitions and new releases!

April Showers Can't Keep You Down!

Its been a pretty busy month but I think that's due to too much partying on my part but sometimes you need to have a few blow outs, consider it training for the Summer fun's! However you don't actually have to wait that long for the fun to begin as the end of April and May looks set to be a cracker with lots of really good music, art & craft related events planned. So here's a quick run down of what to look out for this weekend and into May!

Friday 27th see's the opening of Contemporary Makers at Junction Arts & Gifts. Junction Arts hosted a rather awesome show last year featuring my good friend Stuart Simpson so should be another top show, check the blurb!

"Due to our strong belief that all types of creative practice are strong forms of art in their own right this will be our first ever show dedicated to all things contemporary in the world of craft and design.

9 wonderful creative practitioners will be taking part showin
g ceramics, jewellery, texti…

Robbing Hood @ Grays School of Art!

I'm not sure if you need to be a student or staff to attend this pop up event but its going to be happening anyway! A collaborative exhibition / installation in the Sculpture Hall at Grays by Eryn Inglis & Ben Martin. I think a lot of small events pop up at the art school which is a good thing as it really is an amazing place to be, just wish there were more things filtering out past those walls but degree show time is fast approaching so keep your eyes open for more info and videos!

Five Minutes With........ Mark McCracken!

Was rather pleased to check out the Kiosque site and find this new video by Fraser Denholm. Hopefuly the first in a series of videos looking at the work, methods and practice's of the artists who will be showing work at the new Smart Consultants Gallery in Aberdeen. The first video features Mark McCracken whos show runs until the end of April so get down to Smart Gallery and check it out! And in the mean time watch this!

Five Minutes With... Mark McCracken from Fraser Denholm on Vimeo.

Candy for the Eyes & Ears 14! Apparat!

I've recently become obssesed with Apparat.They have a newish album called The Devils Walk and it has 10 really good reasons why you should buy it now! Also the art work is pretty cool, 8 bit medievil style drawings, a limited colour pallete, whats not to like. I found a nice mini documentary about the recording of The Devils Walk which you can watch below along with the rather amazing video for Song Of Los, I can't remember the last video that really made me go "WOW" so check it out!

Save The Bull A4 Exhibition @ Limousine Bull!

If you didn't already know, Limousine Bull has been put in a slight akward position due to a funding gap between their existing funding running out and their next batch of funding kicking in. I'm not sure of the exact details but with most things in life a little bit of pressure and probably a large dose of stress can lead to inovative ideas, hence the poster below! 

"Limousine Bull invites you all to donate a maximum of 4 pieces to their A4 exhibition. All pieces will be sold for £10 and all funds raised will be put towards keeping Limousine Bull Open. All pieces must be A4 size but the rest is up to you, both 2D & 3D work will be accepted. Deadline for entries is April 28th with opening night on May th. The exhibition will run from 6th - 21st May"

So a chance to be part of a group show at Limousine Bull and a chance to help keep a local run arts organisation going. Now to find some of my own work that is worth as much as a tenner, hmmmm tough one!

Amazing New Art Studio Opportunity!

Stray Dog are hoping to set up some brand new studio spaces in an amazing Victorian school building close to the city centre! To find out more or to book a studio space e-mail Stray Dog now at Really hope this goes ahead, a new bigger studio, with windows! Amazing!

26 Podcast - MoC Mellow Mix!

With Indian Red Lopez now in full time its kinda curtailed any major party plans in the big room but I decided on a wet and boring Saturday night to tidy my studio and to make record a new mix, in my room. This is the result and I'm pretty happy with it, some of the mixing is still a little off, need to learn when to cut tracks but all in all I think its getting better.I tried to stick with acoustic tracks but once you start you don't really know where its gonna take you but I think its a nice mix if you need some chilled back ground music. 

The video isn't very exciting, its mostly the turntables with an occasional flash of my hands on the mixer, although my dancing ghost limbs towards the end look pretty funny. I've included some snaps from my studio taken on the night, I was working on discecting the innards of an old tv which is going to be recyled for a visual project that will hopefuly come to fruition in time for Annie Mac & Toddla T at the Forum!

MoC Mellow M…

Mark McCracken @ Smart Gallery!

Mark McCracken is a name you should be familiar with since he's the gent who will see to all your framing needs at Peacock Visual Arts. If Smart is ringing a bell but you can't quite place it think Smart Consultants, the ladies behind the Foyer exhibitions and the Tea Cosy Craft Fair's. The Smart ladies have recently aquired some exhibition space in a rather nice West End office building in Aberdeen, Albyn Terrace to be precise. 

Anyway the debut show at the new space is a series of prints created using a new technique developed by Mark. Using water colour pencils, he creates pixelated portraits of celebrities and some locals faces which are rendered on triangulated graph paper. These are then soaked and a pressing is taken from the originals and as you can imagine with each new pressing the colours fade a little more each time meaning no two prints will ever really be the same. When Mark explained the technique I was quite excited by how cool it sounds but also how simple …