Deid Sleekit by Stewart Ross @ 26 Collective Studios!

So Stew finally stepped out of the post art school bubble and organised his first solo show! The show was a good mixture of humurous drawings, kidney stones (the little brown sugary lumps in the jars) and a one off performance by Stew in his medical gown. There seemed to be a lot of new faces and a real buzz which is quite unusual for an exhibition by non student / up market gallery, a good thing I'd say but then Stew is one of the nicest cats out there so of course everyone was gonna show some love. It was really good to see the main room being used for a show too as it had been a while since Mark Rennie's show back in October but hopefuly over the coming year we can get more of these events happening outwith the studio, art can happen anywhere, you just have to put a little effort in to make it work!

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