Studio 26 - Into The Light!

Been a few changes over the dark months at the end of 2011 into 2012 down at old 26. First up some sad news, Kieran has up sticks and moved back to Edinburgh to have a break, save some money and probably make some more awesome art before moving onto so amazing projects further afield, I think were all pretty sad but also chuffed to see him go, good on ya and can't wait to see what he does next!

But with him moving out its made space for 2 new people to move in who both seem very nice and make pretty nice looking work. Also we have a band moving into the project room for the forseable future, Indian Red Lopez will be a great addition to the collective! POST # 5 went down with another new podcast recorded and almost ready for upload and finally the new and improved Studio 26 dark room is almost ready for public use. A few more days of knocking, sawing, hammering & painting should do it. All this as well as the usual gang of top artist's like Jim Ewan & Amy Dowes working away on various things for up coming exhibitions and projects!

On a whole it seems like things are going to be on the up this year for the studio with a new focus on getting people involved and helping to facilitate the creation of new work both by studio residents and creatives outwith 26, whether it be someone coming in to record a podcast, print some photographs, hosting a small gig, recoding a video, making a sculpture or whatever, collaboration is key! Hopefuly have some dates for forthcoming events and opportuinities soon! In the mean time tomorrow (Monday 20th) the Stray Dogs have an amazing show opening at Project Slogan in the shape of "Humble Occupation" by Ehren Tool, don't miss it!

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