Guests @Grays - Charles Emerson!

I've been lucky enough to attend almost all of the Guests @ Grays lectures and they have been superb. Its really nice to see an artists work and then get some insight into the ideas and process behind producing that work. Last week saw a wonderful presentation by Scottish writer Carl MacDougall who readings were pretty moving, touching on the subject of death with a very Scottish vernacular that sent shivers up my spine! If you aren't familiar with his work then find out more HERE!

Also in the same week saw a nice presentation by Bristol based photographer Charles Emerson. Emerson's work touches on some interesting subjects and ideas with a lot of experimentation and simple ideas well executed, leading to rather beautiful results! It was great to sit in and hear Charles talk about his development from University to photographers assistant and finally to finding his own feet in an increasingly busy market but its Charles keen eye and experimentation which keep him ahead of the game, and maybe a little good luck along the way! Check out his work and projects HERE!

For any students who aren't taking advantage of the lectures get it on it because you will not get this kind of access to such a great selection of artists once you leave art school so fix up, look sharp! 

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