Candy for the Eyes & Ears 13! Katie Scott, Mark Lyken & Emeralds!

Been a while since I shared some art and music so now is the perfect time. First up the work of the incredibaly talented Katie Scott. If your wondering why her work might look familiar its because she created the cover and inlay art for the last Bombay Bicycle Club album. Katie's work takes its ques from old botanical & scientific illustrations but brought up to date with a modern twist. Her use of bold lines and a diverse range of subject matter really made Katie's work stand out and with prints available its only a matter of time before one of these beautiful pieces will adorn my wall!

Mark Lyken is a Glasgow based artist, part of Team Recoat and a pretty awesome artist. He recently curated the Grafuturism show Rudimentary Perfection at the Recoat Gallery aswell as working on solo exhibitions in London & Glasgow. Lyken's creativity isn't just art based but also extends into the world of music with the release of his solo album, Bit Rot which is sonically experimental, a thumbs up in my book! I really love seeing how Lyken works in the video below, he has a strong background in traditional graffiti but has chosen to progress and explore new ideas beyond the traditional graffer road and the results are pretty spectacular. Lyken's newest solo show is currently ongoing at Recoat and opens to the public this coming Friday! Gutted I can't make it down for the opening as the Recoat crew are always really friendly and welcoming but ill make it down before it finishes and just have to make do with the teaser video in the mean time!

On a musical front I've recently discovered Emeralds thanks to the Claude Speeed (American Men, just scroll down to see) mixtape from Lucky Me. Emeralds seem to have the perfect mix of ambient drones, not too boring, not too heavy but just right for the days when you need to let the mind wander a little. The video for Candy Shoppe is pretty awesome too, on a par with Boards of Canada & Modeselektor.  You can download their back catalogue here!

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