POST # 4 @ Studio 26!

Some photos from POST # 4 with special guest Shaz all the way from Brighton, although somehow managed to not take any photos of her djing! But you can see the set up as modelled by studio bad man DJ Pigeoncatcher. Sadly hes decided his time in Aberdeen is up and will be on the move back to Edinburgh soon but I'm really chuffed with the work we've done together over the last few months and all the creative collaborations. Here's hoping that we can keep going even though there's gonna be a few hundred miles to travel!

Anyway its taken me a bit longer to get the next set of live podcasts ready for public consumption but I should have one ready for tomorrow. Challenge set! In the mean time check out some photos from POST # 4, the live dj sets from # 4 should be pretty fun, some Christmas cheer for all via Nat King Cole & Dean Martin!

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