Celestial Voyage by Radio Soulwax!

I just stumbled across the Radio Soulwax vimeo page and was instantly attracted to this video! As far as mix tapes and visuals go these guys are at the top of the game, when you see the youtube clips of their live visuals incorporating all the album artwork animations for every track they play, its just amazing! I had the honour of doing visuals for them in Aberdeen and it was probably one of the most fun gigs to date, you can see some snippets here! Anyway space is the place and here's the blurb and check it out!

"Welcome to outer space! This is the first instalment of a trip through the galaxies featuring some of our favourite space-related tracks, usually of the 'disco' kind. As you'll see in the beginning of the hour we set off in a spaceship and fly through the sleeves, sometimes into the alternate universe of the sleeves, on a journey that will eventually bring us back to earth...
We recommend you watch and dance to this hour in a darkened room without any distractions."
Concept : Soulwax and Fergadelic
Animation: Laurie Hill 

Celestial Voyage Part 1 from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo.

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