Wild Beasts @ The Lemon Tree!

I first heard Wild Beasts thanks to a lovely lass who made me a mix cd last summer. The track in question was Devils Crayon (see vid below), what a tune. So I figured I'd go based on that and Stu's recommendation but funds were running short on the day of the gig along with energy. But Stu was kindly given 2 free tickets so we went along.

What followed was a pretty mesmerising hour of music, from the opening rumble of Bed of Nails right through to the slow burn of End Comes Too Soon. You can see a full review of the gig and set list on the Hercules Moments blog HERE! Even though I got to see them for free it would definitely have been worth the £16 ticket fee, they way they blend their instruments and duck and dive is pretty unique and unlike any other band I've seen in recent memory, the music most definitely comes first for these guys so if you get the chance go see them. Or just watch all these videos below!

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