Wayne Hemingway, Hemingway Design @ C4Di!

The Centre for Design & Innovation is a local group of design minded proffessional's who are really trying to show the wonders of design and how it can influence our lives, how we live and the power of design!

Luckily I have been on hand to film their Designing the Future Masterclass lectures. The last in the current series came from designer Wayne Hemingway. I'd never heard of Wanyne before but when you listen to his stories and what hes accomplished then hopefully you will feel pretty damm inspired, I know I was! It was great to hear someone talk about some of the bigger social issues that we face in our communities and also looking at the problem and its cause and how to address this and not just label the problem and hope it goes away. Some interesting posts about this on his blog HERE!

Anyway you can check out the full lecture below and get some ideas yeah!

designing the future: design lecture & masterclass series the shape of things to come – Wayne Hemingway, Hemingway Design from c4di on Vimeo.

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