Through The Whisky Barrel - A Film About Surfing in Scotland!

Having recently taken my first tentative steps into the North sea equipped with wet suit & surf board I'm pretty excited to see Through The Whisky Barrel, the film debut from local surfer / film maker Allyn Harper. The film aims to showcase the wealth of talent and also the determination of Scottish surfers who brave the North Sea just to catch a few precious waves. Having been in I can tell you it takes guts and a lot of determination but the rewards are unlike anything else. 

The film is also a look at the wider ecological threats being posed to our coast lines and the impact that new renewable energy initiatives and heavy industry could have on these ecological and tidal systems. I've already seen the state of the water in Aberdeen, to be expected perhaps surfing right next to the harbour mouth but the thought of what were pumping into the oceans on a global scale is truly horrendous! 

Hopefully through Allyn's film some important issues will be raised, some more in depth discussion can take place about how best to meet the needs of industry & conservationists and the Scottish surf pioneers can get the recognition they deserve! Through the Whisky Barrel will be premiered on Saturday 15th October at the London Surf / Film Festival but will also have a Scottish premiere at The Belmont Cinema on Saturday 29th October, get your tickets now as they are selling out fast!  In the mean time there's nothing else for it but to zip up and get RAD!

Through The Whisky Barrel - Trailer from Allyn Harper on Vimeo.

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