Peace & Jam Pop Up Fair @ Snafu!

I think the event organiser can best sum up what this was all about so here's something I lifted from the event page!

"One person's trash is another person's treasure...

A clothes swap is the ideal way to recycle the old and bring in the new...making your own fashion along the way. Exchange whatever you find in the bottom of the wardrobe for something you've envied on your friends waist for too long. If you don't have anything spare don't despair, take something for free!

The Peace and Jam clothes swap will be accompanied by jewellery, craft and fashion stalls from an array of like minded local artists and designers. Cake & cocktails too.

But why? Read on...

Living in Aberdeen I have become more and more aware of the difficulties of the giant chain stores slowly but surely strangling the life out this city. While there are so many young and vibrant businesses out there, sometimes the independents get lost in translation when it comes to a larger market.

Whilst thinking along this line I came up with the idea of ‘Peace and Jam’, a chance in October to bring like-minded companies together. Making our presence known to the bright-eyed bushy tailed, freshers market, while also reminding our current residents that there is more out there than Primark and Asda. The idea is to use the premises of Snafu to set up a ‘village fete’…bunting and all…creating the chance to showcase what we all have to offer. It is a chance for the independent businesses of Aberdeen to cooperate and in turn, promote individuality and creativity through these not so pleasant times. This is an opportunity to reiterate what we believe is our unique selling points to both an already established market and the new faces of Aberdeen, having some laughs along the way. "

Abi Clephane 

All in all a pretty rad event, the cakes were super sweet, the stalls were cool and it proves that there's a lot of like minded go getting people going about who are helping to build the kinda creative and cultural scene that we need to see more of in Aberdeen! Big ups to Abi and her team and roll on the next one!

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