Monday, 31 October 2011

Bon Iver @ The Usher Hall!

Gotta say I've been listening to Bon Iver for a few years and finally seeing them play live was a real treat! For Emma, Forever Ago became a soundtrack to a pretty awfull time in my life, losing a close friend, getting beat up and then headbutted on my own door step and generally having to deal with every day life, For Emma really helped me focus away from the negative stuff.

I think from the opening riffs of Perth to final swansong of Skinny Love the entire audience looked on with quiet admeration and love. I haven't been to many gigs where almost every single person seem's to be fully connected to what's happening on stage, there's always gonna be people who would rather watch it through their phone screen's as apposed to savouring the moment but thankfully that means I can relive the gig from many different angles via youtube! Glad I got to share the moments with one of my best friends too, I realised its in those moments of spine tingling joy that I miss my friend the most but its also when I realised I'm lucky to have the friends I have so here's to them "My my my, my my my, my my......."