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An Island - A Film by Efterklang & Vincent Moon!

I've done a few posts about this before but the special edition DVD release of An Island is finally here and I recieved my copy at the weekend! The full DVD is pretty special with beautifully embossed cover and booklet inside, all layed out by Hvass & Hannibal. The set also features 5 postcard sized pull outs of the band performing and a mini version of the poster. 

I organised a private public screening of the film in the summer time as part of the project, anybody could sign up to hold a screening so I figured why not. And to my suprise it turns out they've added everybody's names to the booklet for the DVD as thank you, pretty cool scanning through the first few names and finding it there in black & white.

Anyway you can order the special edition from the An Island site but you can also download the film for a price of your choosing, you can make a donation towards the project and there's a whole load of pictures and video out takes to check out on the site so…

SHAPE 2011 @ Kaplank Kapow HQ / Boarderline!

So the guys over at Kaplank Kapow HQ have organised another shape event for 2011. Don't know what that is, well check out the submissions for last years event HERE! You can check the many rules (there's only 1 rule!) here, times awasting so better get busy with the jiggy!

Noah & The Whale @ Aberdeen Music Hall

So from one band that I've liked for ages in Edinburgh to a band that I've only really gotten into over the last couple of weeks but thankfully I managed to get the very last ticket, no 500, unreserved seating, was pretty chuffed about that one. 

The night kicked off with some amazingly loud bang from Zane Lowe, the show was being broadcast on Radio 1 as part of their student tour, Noah & The Whale had already played an acoustic session for Fearne Cotton at the Lemon Tree earlier in the day, check out the vid below.

So with it being Radio 1 the crowd was a mixed bag of Noah fans and teeny boppers who didn't seem to know why they were there but hopefully they have been set on a good path of musical taste and actually going out to gigs, a valuable lesson I learned early on!Support came from Ben Howard who is well on the way to big things, he played to a sold out Music Hall on the Monday and came back for his own headline show in the wonderous piss hole that is Cafe Drummon…

Bon Iver @ The Usher Hall!

Gotta say I've been listening to Bon Iver for a few years and finally seeing them play live was a real treat! For Emma, Forever Ago became a soundtrack to a pretty awfull time in my life, losing a close friend, getting beat up and then headbutted on my own door step and generally having to deal with every day life, For Emma really helped me focus away from the negative stuff.

I think from the opening riffs of Perth to final swansong of Skinny Love the entire audience looked on with quiet admeration and love. I haven't been to many gigs where almost every single person seem's to be fully connected to what's happening on stage, there's always gonna be people who would rather watch it through their phone screen's as apposed to savouring the moment but thankfully that means I can relive the gig from many different angles via youtube! Glad I got to share the moments with one of my best friends too, I realised its in those moments of spine tingling joy that I miss m…

Mark Rennie Devout Fanatacism Closing Party @ 26 Studio!

Some pics from Mark Rennie's closing party at the 26 Studio. The night kicked off with an experimental drone set from Mark and his accomplice Craig, some nice ear bending digitally delayed tones, cut with some old super 8 footage made for a nice wee change from the usual art fair stuff. Craig also played a selection of his own material to finish off the night but sadly had no songs about cigarettes. A great night with a great artist and some good people. Onto the next one!

Retrieve @ Limousine Bull!

Retrieve is the current exhibition showing at Limousine Bull. A retro spective look at the work of Tumim & Prendergast, it shows a collection of every day items, sweet wrappers, leaves and post it notes, all completely made by hand. I haven't been able to find out too much about this pair but did lift the quote below.
Tumim & Prendergast explore the concepts of our temporal existence and cast-off items we often ignore. Accident and chance also play a part alongside their characteristic humour (often dark). They offer us clues – to research further and of lives lived.” Art historian, Lorna Johnston
The show is on until Friday 28th October and reallyt is worth the short walk over to the Limousine Bull studio in Torry so check it out!