G5/6 - Guise @ Limousine Bull Artists Collective!

I haven't really got much experience of performance art and the stuff I have seen has always had some pretty heavy flaws, amazing costumes and sets tainted by poor performance ideas etc so I wasn't expecting too much from this event at Limousine Bull!

But, I ended up having a good time! The night consisted of 4 performance, the first involved Haig Massie interpreting some pictures via a drum kit, it was loud and confusing as I hadn't read the script for the nights events. Next up saw Karolina Szpyrko hovel across the floor with her third leg and proceed to make a big painty mess! The soundtrack was disturbing and the performance was long, all I'd say is a strobe light would have been ace to help build up the head wreckness!

The real highlight of the evening was Peter Mcrae's performance. My friend Jenny had told me about him but I'd missed his piece for Aberdeen Artists so I wasn't sure what to expect. What followed was 20 minutes of political satire, audience participation & general fun all filtered through a  financial crisis filter! The invasion of foreighn lands out side was my favourite bit, swimming on the cable barrel then making his way across the car park, well I guess you had to be there but check the pics below! The night was rounded off with a more traditional performance involving guitars and amplifiers. Who knew little Laura Thomson could sing? Well she can and she is infact quite good. A nice way to end an interesting evening, I'm glad I made the effort now!

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