Sixteen - Grays 3rd Year Sculpture Show!

Had a busy few weeks since the sun has been out so there's been a lot of rollerboarding and an incredible amount of parties! One of these parties happened to be a Brew Dog sponsored 3rd year sculpture show in an old shop unit over in Torry! Its been a while since I visited that side of the river and the river side walk was quite refreshing!

Anyway the show was made up from work from 16 artists all showing a good variety of mediums, some sculpture, some installation, some interactive, some photos, some videos, some pins and thread, you get the idea. I loved the massive L shapes and the needles & thread, the weird chicken legs cushion was also a nice piece. Laura's naked painted white video also seemed to cause some shock and admiration from her peers but all in all it was a great wee show and shows a lot of promise for the future!

Also thanks to Mark for the pics :)

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