Monday, 23 May 2011

CRA/CKED @ Peacock Visual Arts!

CRA/CKED is the latest show from Bill Thompson. The show consists of video installations, mini monitors showing record players and a nice stack of TVs playing weird dots and some distortion noises. When you walk into the darkend room its a little bit scary and the noise can be nauseiating but I found after staring at the screens for a few minutes I became super calm and felt almost like I was going into a trance. The opening night also featured a performance from Bill.

"CRA/CKED celebrates and explores the inherent cracks, flaws, or break-downs within media and technology to discover alien aesthetics where TV remotes are aimed back at viewers, 100 Blues records loop indeterminately on a broken turntable, and data bent video games glitch uncontrollably to created abstract sound and lightscapes."

See for youselves at Peacock Visual Arts from now until 25th June!