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Let It Bleed Presents Crookers @ The Forum!

Another big night at The Forum this time with Italian duo Crookers. I had no idea who they are but they dont speak much English, they look cool and the play heavy tunes! I got some help on the visual front from MWx and had a blast! Operating on 3 hours sleep the next day wasnt so hot but that just how I roll! Photos from the WLD WLVS blog, check it!

Top 20 Arms by Callum Kellie & Sarah J Stanley!

Top 20 Arms is the newest show at the Project Slogan art & zine cafe. The opening night was held on Friday night and promised old school arcade action! It features a series of paintings of futuristic cube guns by Sarah J Stanley and a video loop and old skool arcade machine style instalation by Callum Kellie. The arcade game involves roaming around a desolate landscape littered with tanks, but as you get up close to the tanks information appears about different countries and how much they spend on arms, leading to the top 20 arms. It took me a while but I finally found the no 1 arms! I didnt win any prizes except the admiration of my peers!

The show runs for a month so why not pop down and have a go yourself and pick up a coffee and a sandwich while your at it!

Candy for the Eyes & Ears 12! Ricky Allman, Jennifer Coates & Kurt Vile!

Been doing a fair bit of interweb snooping / perving. Seems like the old Tumblr sites are taking over from Blogger and Wordpress sites, funny seeing these new media trends happen, like when Facebook wiped out Myspace, ahh those were the good old days!

Anyway one good thing about the new Tumblr sites is just how easy it is to tumble upon amazing pictures, all fully linked up and ready to be reblogged by all and sundry! I wouldn't like to keep a site made entirely from other peoples work but it is nice to share things I find of interest, usually some music and some art. Im gonna add a few more than usual since I've been going down the rabbit hole a lot this month and have found some truelly awesome pictures and bands.

On the art front you have Ricky Allman.

And Jennifer Coates.

I think the art speaks for itself, certainly they have both given me some major inspiration! On a musical front its been all about Les Savy Fav for the last 2 months, pretty much since they ripped my head o…

CRA/CKED @ Peacock Visual Arts!

CRA/CKED is the latest show from Bill Thompson. The show consists of video installations, mini monitors showing record players and a nice stack of TVs playing weird dots and some distortion noises. When you walk into the darkend room its a little bit scary and the noise can be nauseiating but I found after staring at the screens for a few minutes I became super calm and felt almost like I was going into a trance. The opening night also featured a performance from Bill.

"CRA/CKED celebrates and explores the inherent cracks, flaws, or break-downs within media and technology to discover alien aesthetics where TV remotes are aimed back at viewers, 100 Blues records loop indeterminately on a broken turntable, and data bent video games glitch uncontrollably to created abstract sound and lightscapes."

See for youselves at Peacock Visual Arts from now until 25th June!