Candy for the Eyes & Ears 11! Cory Hudson & The Drums!

I randomly picked up a Cody Hudson book in Analogue when I was down in Edinburgh last month. It contains some pretty neat drawings as well as some skateboard shaped sculptures. The general vibe of his art work just struck a chord, simple yet it totally captures something. I've seen a lot of people who try to make work like this but guys like Cory definately take it to another level as far as ideas and execution go. You can see more if his work at his Struggle Inc site HERE!

Musically I have recently been exposed to The Drums. Listening to Lets Go Surfing and having just started surfing made for a match made in heaven. Also just have come through some emotional problems I've found The Drums have managed to perfectly soundtrack the mixture of happiness and sadness. It always nice when that happens although there's something so cheery about they way they sing about relationships that I think ill soon be associating the album with good times as apposed to sad times. Check out the link below for a listen to one of their tunes on Spotify!

The Drums – Book Of Stories

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