Run Down Aberdeen - A Film by Fraser Denholm!

Fraser Denholm has made a film about Aberdeen and the decline of the cities fabric. The fabric of any city is incredibaly important, its what holds a city together and in turn holds the inhabitants of that city together. For decades Aberdeen has been hacked at, re built, bull dozed and bludgeoned with shit architecture which almost eclipses the amazing granite facades of Union Street but not quite!

Despite the poor state of things in Aberdeen its still a beautifull city, its just needs a little bit of tlc, not just from the Council who's inability to do anything, whether their fault or not isn't really the issue. Its the business and the people who need to help in repairing the fabric whether its using the parks, picking up the empty bottles, clearing their neighbours path in the winter or whatever! There's a whole load of issues which arise from Fraser's film and certainly leaves it open to the question, what do we do next?

Its not just the physichal fabric of our city, our wider society is in tatters with values seeming almost non existant. I think there needs to be a bit more love for what weve got, a bit more appreciation and respect for our fellow city folks, a few more smilling faces as apposed to the "aye, fit the fuck you looking at" kind of looks which I have become used to would be a good start. Certainly after seeing the devestation of Japan after the hurrendous earthquake a few weeks ago I've gained a bit more appreciation for what I and we have as Aberdonian's. I think this city can be great again but its up to everyone to be part of that process.

The biggest thing I got from the screening of the film was from Fraser directly after a debate with a panel of guests including councilors and Fraser, he said "I'm only one person but if I can do it and try and make a change then everyone can, we just have to stop bickering and blaming each other for past mistakes and work together to make solutions for the future". I think thats a great closing remark and just makes me proud to be able to call Fraser a friend!

Run Down Aberdeen from Fraser Denholm on Vimeo.

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