Nothing To See Here! @ Linksfield Academy

Nothing To See Here is the finale to months of work by the National Theartre of Scotland! Through various programmes they have been building up to this, the final of 3 stages of the project which has seen them organise flash mobs in the Bon Accord Centre, an Extreme Ceildh at the Beach Ballroom aswell as many community based projects with youths in Aberdeen.

For the final performance you are invited to Linksfield Academy (the big old building across from Aberdeen Uni) to par-take in an interactive performance that will test your nerves but the journey will definatley not dissapoint! And if your attending a late one then you can also take place in the ceildh that will be held at the end of the last performance each night I think?! Anyway the best way to find out is to get your bum down to Linksfield and check it out for yourselves!!!

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