Colin Taylor @ E.A.R.L's on The Green!

The EARL on The Green is probably my most favourite sandwich shop in the World! The first time I had a Satay Panini (chicken, bacon, peanut butter & sweet chilli sauce) was a pretty special moment, one I will cherish forever. But not just content with keeping my belly happy the EARL is also striving to keep my eyes happy! They have featured work by William Moulding, Stuart Allan, Doog Allan, Remi Rough to name a few but now have a great selection of prints by local artist Colin Taylor! His work uses bold blocks of colour and shapes, the almost Tetris style blocks are similar to my favourite video effect from the video mixer we use for visuals! Anyway all the prints are available to buy down at the E.A.R.L. and they are pretty cheap too!

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