Artists Rooms @ Aberdeen Art Gallery!

If you were un aware there's a truelly amazing photography exhibition on right now at Aberdeen Art Gallery! Portraits and stills by Diane Arbus, one of my favourite photographers and a pioneer of her time! The exhibition was brought to Aberdeen by the Art Fund, they also brought the highly popular Tom Mueck exhibit last year. I've only seen her photographs in books and on line so being able to breeze down to the art gallery and pop in and see her prints is pretty awesome, being able to see all the small details and the sizes of the prints, making them a bit more real even though they reflect a period in time that will never be seen again.

I immediately identified with her take on portraiture and her choice of models. Some would see her pics of children with down syndrome and the weird and unusual characters of NYC as being exploitive or offensive but I think these portraits were bourne from her ability to identify with the outsiders and the freaks, these were here people. She sadly commited suicide in 1971 after a long bout with depression but her photographic legacy has been rightly recognised as an important body of work and despite your opinion on her work I'd reccommend you go see for your self before the show moves on! The show runs until April 9th, also check out some other amazing artist shows across Scotland HERE!

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